Tlisted below are winners and losers, in accordance with the latest census reviews. The congressional illustration for the House of Representatives is predicated on inhabitants and that inhabitants is decided by the U. S. Census. NCS has reported that a number of states will lose illustration whereas others will see their illustration in Congress elevated.

States on the shedding finish, who will every lose a seat in Congress, are California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Illinois, and Michigan. States that can acquire a seat within the House of Representatives are Oregon, Colorado, North Carolina, and Florida. Texas, the large winner, will acquire two seats. People are leaving the Rust Belt and headed both west or south. The exception is California which, for the primary time in its historical past, is shedding a seat.

According to NCS’s Chris Callizza, the inhabitants growth in California is over, with Texas being the brand new superpower. Callizza calls Texas a very powerful state, politically talking, over the following decade. It’s too early to inform what affect this may have on future elections. If the migration has conservatives shifting south and west, it’s doubtless excellent news for Republicans. If liberals are leaving the blue states, it might pose issues for “red” states.

So, why are individuals shifting? So far, there’s not a lot arduous proof or agency conclusions to be drawn because the outcomes have been solely launched just a few days in the past. Speculation, after all, will run rampant till analysts pay money for the info and, even there, political agendas are prone to affect the opinions of those that do the analyzing.

Some are suggesting that Colorado’s acquire is because of individuals throughout the nation shifting to Colorado to get a way of life stuffed with Rocky Mountain “highs.” Others are pointing to the excessive tax burden in Rust Belt states and in California that’s prompting individuals emigrate to states, corresponding to Florida and Texas, the place that burden is way much less.

In January of 2014, Governor Cuomo said that “extreme” conservatives, and by “extreme” he particularly singled out professional-life conservatives, anti-identical intercourse marriage proponents, and 2nd Amendment advocates, don’t have any place within the state of New York. The remark began a firestorm on the time and one wonders if a number of the bleeding in New York’s inhabitants numbers are individuals reacting to Cuomo’s tirade.

Currently, there are over 393 million civilian owned firearms within the United States. There are one thing like 62 million extra weapons in America than individuals. And someone actually owns them, with practically all gun homeowners being regulation-abiding residents. And they vote, both on the poll field or with their toes.

In a 2019 Gallup ballot, 49% of Americans described themselves as “pro-life,” with 43% referring to themselves as “pro-choice.” Is a number of the migration a transfer to friendlier, conservative states? On the opposite hand, a 2020 Gallup ballot discovered that 67% of Americans supported identical-intercourse marriage with Democrats approving by 83%. Republicans have been just about cut up on the topic. That horse appears to have left the barn and that a part of the Culture War misplaced by the conservatives.

All that is to say, as if anybody have been to doubt it, Americans are significantly divided on a variety of points because the final two presidential elections demonstrated. Are conservatives fleeing Blue states for Red? Or are liberals merely on the lookout for a hotter local weather and taking their political inclinations with them?

It’s too early to inform after all however an enormous battle looms on the horizon. The subsequent nationwide election is simply 17 months away. This will doubtless be the primary true indicator of what adjustments, if any, are the outcomes of the data offered by the census.

In the meantime, the continuous election cycle, with 24 hour campaigning that started in 2016 continues unabated. Lawmakers in each Democrat and Republican managed states are going, as they’ve at all times carried out, to gerrymander the congressional districts in an try to guard their very own energy.

With politicians locked in a demise embrace with one another, with little regard for common Americans (though all of them presume to talk for “the American people”) and statesmanship nowhere to be discovered, maybe there aren’t any winners. Perhaps the nation, and all of us, are the losers.

[David Epps is the Rector of the Cathedral of Christ the King ( The church is open at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays but is also live streaming at He is the bishop of the Diocese of the Mid-South ( He may be contacted at [email protected]]


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