The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcos Pontes, stated at the moment (24), throughout an interview with A Voz do Brasil, that he hopes to get well part of the portfolio budget that was restricted in the 2022 budget proposal. [da Economia] Paulo Guedes with the Minister [da Secretaria de Governo] Flavia Arruda too, and that’s the substitute [do Orçamento da pasta] “Something close to 300 million Brazilian reais has been created,” Pontes stated.

According to the minister, part of this 300 million Rls ought to come subsequent week. “151 million Brazilian reals, which is already a resource that we will use to activate part of, the public notice has already been issued, for grants from the so-called Universal, which narrates the Brazilian research and is very important.”

Pontes commented on the significance of Auxílio Brasil in together with the Junior Science Initiation Scholarship for excellent college students in the Science Olympiad. Currently in the ministry there are 62 scientific Olympiads, and Brazilian college students have gained prizes not solely at nationwide, but in addition at worldwide competitions.

“This will certainly give parents the certainty that investing in education, and putting their children to school, is worthwhile for their future and worth it in the present in terms of income,” he stated. Pontes defined that the science start-up scholarship brings a “scientific methodology” into the lives of these college students, and stated that it has been proven, by means of research, that “students who participate in a science start get significantly better outcomes in education and career afterward.”

The Minister additionally spoke about the Adapta Brasil platform, which was launched final month and which works to standardize, combine and disseminate info on the impacts of local weather change on the nationwide territory. “We did a test first with some cities in Brazil and now, [a plataforma] Already available to all Brazilian municipalities. It is an aid to managers. With this tool, you can make short-term, medium-term and even long-term analyzes, in many cases, of the socio-economic and meteorological and climate change impacts of that region, both from an optimistic and a more pessimistic perspective. one,” he stated.

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