Stephanie Grisham, who labored as East Wing communications director, White House press secretary and chief of workers to Melania Trump in the course of the Trump administration, wrote in her just lately revealed a e-book, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now,” that she discovered herself wishing there was a special Republican candidate to vote for in the 2020 election.

“You talk about how you wish there had been some sort third option for you to vote for. You didn’t support Biden and his policies but you had real misgivings about Donald Trump at that point, and you wished there had been another Republican you could vote for because you’re a conservative Republican,” mentioned NCS’s Jake Tapper throughout an interview on “The Lead.” “Did you vote for Donald Trump in 2020?”

“I did not,” Grisham mentioned, including that she wrote in a special candidate. She declined to call that particular person.

The former Trump aide, who began working for the forty fifth President throughout his first presidential marketing campaign and is now selling her tell-all e-book from her years working for him and the former first woman, has been outspoken in latest weeks about her change of coronary heart over the Trump presidency. Grisham — who infamously by no means held a briefing throughout her time as press secretary — now says she’s petrified of what might occur if Trump returns to workplace ought to he run in 2024.

Grisham informed Tapper she would testify earlier than the House committee investigating the occasions of January 6 if requested to take action. Grisham resigned from her function in the East Wing on January 6 in the wake of the rebel on the US Capitol.

“Yes. I would cooperate if they reached out. I have had a couple of very casual conversations about it. I haven’t been formally asked,” Grisham mentioned. “But yes I would cooperate if needed, absolutely.”

She added that she believes Trump was making an attempt to stage a coup, each by his actions inciting January 6, his disloyalty to former Vice President Mike Pence and his repeated makes an attempt persuade individuals the election was “stolen” from him, which it was not.

Grisham mentioned earlier Tuesday that Trump’s “vanity got in the way” of his administration’s response to Covid-19.

“I think the way we handled Covid was tragic,” Grisham mentioned on NCS’s “New Day.”

“I think the President’s vanity got in the way,” she mentioned. “He was working for his base, he was not working for this country. He didn’t wear a mask quickly enough.”

She added, “I was part of that. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself with respect to Covid. I don’t think I can ever redeem myself.”

Grisham mentioned if Trump runs and wins the White House in 2024, the nation can anticipate “very draconian policies,” and famous he wouldn’t be inhibited by having to run for reelection.

“He’ll be able to do whatever he wants and we all know there’s going to be retribution, there’s going to be revenge,” Grisham mentioned.

She speculated those that have been pushing the lie that the election was stolen from Trump and people concerned in the lethal riot on the Capitol on January 6 can be those working for Trump if he have been to win.

“I have a feeling the 1/6 crowd might be working in the White House in 2024. Or the Sidney Powells or the Rudy Giulianis,” Grisham mentioned.

Grisham added, “The fact that he is pushing this election lie is scary to me. And the fact that he’s the front-runner right now … if he were to run for office is scary to me.”

Grisham additionally touched on different advisers across the former President, particularly specializing in his daughter and son-in-law, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

She mentioned Kushner, who was a senior adviser on the White House, “got really heady with power.”

“Nobody ever challenged Jared. You couldn’t. This was the President’s son-in-law. So he would dive into these areas where I know he had absolutely no expertise and, you know, claimed to save the day and then he would leave,” Grisham mentioned.

She mentioned Kushner and Ivanka Trump “thought they were a shadow President and first lady,” including that Ivanka Trump is “very controlling of her image. She’s very controlled in what she does. She is very calm, which is unlike her father.”

Grisham described a tradition of abuse on the White House, and mentioned Trump was “very mean” when he yelled at his workers.

“It took me a really long time to realize it was a culture of abuse in there. You just want to keep Donald Trump happy. You just don’t want him to yell at you … you learn that you have to give him the answer that he wants or he’ll just throw you out anyway,” Grisham mentioned.

Grisham mentioned Trump’s explosions would come with him face-to-face yelling at her.

“It’s horrible when he yells at you. It’s horrible. He’s very New York, I guess. He’s very mean when he yells at you.” Grisham mentioned.

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