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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas traveled to the US-Mexico border on Friday with a gaggle of bipartisan senators. Typically on such a visit, a cupboard secretary and lawmakers could be accompanied by reporters or a member of the White House press pool to feed notes again to newsrooms.

But on this journey, the Biden administration blocked that from occurring.

It’s half of a bigger sample of restricted media entry at the southern US border — regardless of promises of transparency and the indisputable fact that at least 14,000 migrant children are detained in federal custody amid a surge in migrants attempting to enter the country.

The lack of entry was repeatedly pointed out by journalists this week. A quantity of live-shots from the border have ended with a reporter pointing out that officers denied entry to the services holding migrant kids.

In a statement Thursday, Radio Television Digital News Foundation Executive Director Dan Shelley blasted the Biden administration for failing on its promise of transparency. “The President promised things would be different,” Shelley mentioned. “Turns out he was right, but in this case not the way we had hoped. The Trump administration allowed journalists into juvenile migrant detention facilities.”

Shelley urged Mayorkas to “immediately” permit journalists entry to Border Patrol processing services and officers.

“At a time when the southern border of the United States is undergoing a historic surge of migrants, it is more important than ever that journalists be allowed the necessary access to report accurately and independently on the Border Patrol’s response to the increased arrival of migrants and the well being of those housed in Border Patrol facilities,” he mentioned.

The Trump administration did allow entry to the services and supplied the press with images. But it was for a really completely different purpose, as NBC’s Jacob Soboroff pointed out.

“The Trump administration let us in. And they let us in because they wanted to explain to us and show us the cruelty of the separation policy,” Soboroff said in an on-air look Thursday. “They wanted everybody to see that. Now it’s the Biden administration’s turn to open the doors so we can fully tell the story of not just where they want to go but why they want to go to that place and show the American public ourselves.”

Getty Images particular correspondent John Moore on Twitter Friday asked US Customs and Border Protection “to stop blocking media access to their border operations.”

“I have photographed CBP under Bush, Obama and Trump but now — zero access is granted to media,” Moore mentioned.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy was one of the lawmakers who traveled to the border on Friday. After visiting a processing facility, Murphy tweeted an outline of what he noticed: “100s of kids packed into big open rooms. In a corner, I fought back tears as a 13 yr old girl sobbed uncontrollably explaining thru a translator how terrified she was, having been separated from her grandmother and without her parents.”

After years of bashing the information media, some Republicans and right-wing media retailers have immediately morphed into press advocates. Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted that he discovered it “outrageous & unacceptable” there was “no press” and “no cameras” with Mayorkas.

“Next week, I’m bringing 15 senators to the border. DHS said NO to our request to bring media,” Cruz mentioned. “I will continue to fight for press access so every American can see this crisis for themselves!”

Biden administration response

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday responded to a NCS Business’ inquiry about the lack of entry at the border by referring to feedback she made earlier in the week.

Psaki mentioned Thursday that media excursions of the services holding kids had not been permitted attributable to Covid-19 restrictions. But, she mentioned, the administration stays “committed to transparency, and we’re considering potential options, and we hope to have an update on that soon.”

In a Wednesday remark to Fox’s Kristin Fisher, who requested whether or not the White House had instructed border agents to not do ride-alongs, Psaki mentioned, “I think we’ve seen, watching a number of the reports you all do, a number of Border Patrol officials who are quoted in them, who appear in them, and certainly in the White House we support that.”

But as Washington Post media columnist Erik Wemple quipped in a Friday column on the lack of press entry at the border: “Officials are quoted! Well, then why complain? Because solid coverage of the border requires more than just a quote here and there.”


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