ITV Meridian’s Sally Simmonds takes a uncommon look at a number of the secret work undertaken at the Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory.

With over 100 years expertise coping with hazardous substances, Porton Down close to Salisbury was prepared for coronavirus.

Over the previous 12 months they’ve grown it, examined it and analysed it in a myriad of how to assist us all keep secure. 

Since 1916 the location in Wiltshire has handled all types of lethal substances, from nerve brokers, to anthrax, to ebola.

This organisation is about coping with threats, these threats will and are evolving and they modify, and it is vital that this organisation modifications it is approaches to satisfy these threats head on

Porton Down

Researchers right here have developed a faux finger to learn the way lengthy the virus lasts on a floor and they’re trying at smartwatch expertise to detect early indicators of an infection.

  • A virologist right here for 20 years, Amanda’s focus has been disinfectants

A welcome with weapons at the prepared Porton Down isn’t open to guests, however they deal with lethal substances, in order that we will keep alive.


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