Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness fell quickly for kids during Omicron surge but still offered some protection against severe diseae

Within one month of being absolutely vaccinated, effectiveness of the Pfizer pictures against an infection brought on by the Omicron variant fell from 68% to simply 12% within the youngest youngsters eligible to get the pictures: these 5 to 11 years previous.

Effectiveness against hospitalization in that age group was greater but additionally dropped considerably, falling from 100% in early December to simply 48% by the top of January.

“The data are not surprising as the vaccine was developed in response to an earlier COVID-19 variant and reduced effectiveness of 2 doses against the Omicron variant has been seen to some degree with all vaccines and ages,” New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett mentioned in a statement posted on-line.

“It is critical to stress that vaccination is still recommended for everyone 5 years and older, including children 5-11. These data also demonstrate that COVID-19 vaccines reduce the risk of more severe illness and hospitalization for children 5-11, and I encourage parents and guardians to consult their pediatrician about getting their children vaccinated, and boosted if eligible, as soon as they can.”

Children 5 to 11 get a dose of the Pfizer vaccine that’s 10 micrograms, one-third the dose given to youngsters 12 to 17.

The research additionally discovered that whereas vaccine effectiveness additionally fell for older youngsters and teenagers, it fell extra slowly than it did for grade-schoolers. For any sickness brought on by Covid-19, vaccine effectiveness waned from 66% in early December to 51% by the top of January for kids 12 to 17. For hospitalizations, vaccine effectiveness fell from 85% to 73% over the identical timeframe.

The information was posted Monday as a preprint study on the medRxiv server. Preprints haven’t been reviewed by outdoors consultants or accepted for publication in a medical journal.

The authors concluded that if different research repeat these findings, the vaccine dose for youthful youngsters could should be reviewed. The authors additionally mentioned the info could reveal a must proceed “layered protections, including mask wearing, to prevent infection and transmission” in youthful youngsters.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been accumulating its personal information on vaccine effectiveness in youngsters and is anticipated to launch it quickly.

“Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines continue to offer high levels of protection against severe illness, hospitalization, and deaths in all age groups, despite decreased effectiveness against infection alone during the Omicron wave,” the company mentioned in a press release.

“CDC continues to monitor and evaluate data on vaccine effectiveness as it becomes available, but these vaccines work well and are the best tool we have to avoid severe outcomes.”