Banning crowds at the Olympics is a smart pandemic move (Opinion)

Tokyo 2020’s Opening Ceremony is “currently proceeding as planned,” in accordance with a press assertion from the Tokyo 2020 International Communications Team. 

The assertion says an investigation into the Opening Ceremony has been performed following the dismissal of former present director Kentaro Kobayashi over anti-Semitic feedback he made previously. 

According to the assertion, a number of creators have contributed to the Ceremony, and “no single part of the Opening Ceremony was specifically directed solely by KOBAYASHI Kentaro himself.”  

The Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony is scheduled for Friday at 8 p.m. native (7 a.m. ET)

Some extra background: Tokyo 2020’s Opening Ceremony present director, Kentaro Kobayashi, was dismissed Thursday following previous feedback that “ridiculed the painful facts of history,” in accordance with Tokyo 2020 organizers.

Local media reviews stated Kobayashi made anti-Semitic feedback in a 1998 comedy act in regards to the Holocaust.

Kobayashi launched an announcement following his dismissal, saying he apologized “to anyone who may have felt unpleasant” by his former remarks.

“As it was pointed out, there were some inappropriate expressions in the scripts from my past skit,” he stated.

“Indeed, as pointed out, in the video software that was released in 1998 to introduce young comedians, a skit script I wrote contained an extremely inappropriate expression.”

“I understand that my foolish choice of words at the time was a mistake, and I regret it,” Kobayashi continues, including that he was grateful he was capable of be concerned within the ceremony.

On Monday, Tokyo Olympics opening and shutting ceremonies music composer, Keigo Oyamada, decided to resign from his position following criticisms for previous interviews that emerged the place he described previous bullying of classmates. 


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