Except that, effectively, Boehner is (nonetheless) a Republican. And — regardless of all of his public doubts about Trump and Trumpism — he voted for the President’s reelection in 2020.

“I voted for Donald Trump,” Boehner told Time Magazine in an interview to advertise his memoir — “On the House” — which is formally launched on Tuesday. “I thought that his policies, by and large, mirrored the policies that I believed in. I thought the choices for the Supreme Court were top notch. At the end of the day, who gets nominated to the federal courts is really the most important thing a President does.”

Worth noting: Boehner says he voted for Trump immediately after saying this: “Donald Trump is a product of the chaos we’ve seen in our political process over the last 10 or 12 years.”

Rather than some form of speak-truth-to-power hero, Boehner is typical of the broader Republican method to Trump: Hold your nostril and vote for him as a result of, uh, judges. Boehner just isn’t the exception to the Republican rule. He is the rule. He was prepared to miss Trump’s weaponizing of race and gender, his decidedly un-conservative method to debt and deficit, his open disdain on the thought of being “presidential,” all as a result of Trump nominated conservative judges to the Supreme Court. That’s the deal Republicans made with themselves manner again when Trump gained the nomination in 2016. Boehner was no completely different.

In Boehner’s protection, he by no means solid himself as some form of Republican insurgent throughout his time in workplace. You do not rise to turn out to be speaker of the House by not having the ability to inform which manner the wind is blowing, and heading in that route.

But the post-Congress Boehner has leaned into his picture as a insurgent with a trigger — doing every little thing he might to foster the concept he was past caring about what Trump or anybody else considered him. In August 2020, amid hypothesis that he may endorse Joe Biden for president, a Boehner spokesman offered just the sort of devil-may-care attitude that Boehner has made his brand: “The answer is no. I think he’d rather set himself on fire than get involved in the election. Nothing to see here.”

Now, simply because Boehner voted for Trump in 2020 doesn’t suggest that he cares what Trump thinks or takes again the entire issues he has stated concerning the former President. Rarely does anybody — together with Boehner — get the possibility to vote for a candidate for president who they agree with on each problem. Or even on 90% of issues. A vote for president is nearly at all times about determining who you agree with extra — not who you agree with completely.

What Boehner’s vote for Trump does imply, nonetheless, is that Democrats should most likely press “pause” on the concept of Boehner because the final trustworthy man within the Republican Party. Boehner is a longtime Republican — “I’m a conservative Republican,” he informed Time — who, like so many different Republicans voted for the get together, not the individual, in 2020.

That anybody is stunned by that speaks to simply how efficient Boehner’s post-congressional rebranding has been.



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