Manta ray photobombs surfer in Florida

By David Williams | NCS

A fortunate photographer captured an incredible shot of an enormous manta ray that leaped out of the water as he was taking footage of surfers from a Florida seashore.

Rusty Escandell informed NCS that he took the {photograph} on Sunday, whereas spending the day with household and mates at a seashore close to Officers Club Beach at Patrick Space Force Base, however he didn’t understand it till he received house.

“I kind of saw a splash behind the surfer, but didn’t think much of it,” he stated. “It could have been a fish, could have been anything.”

Escandell had taken a burst of images that confirmed the ray breaching out of the water.

“It was pretty amazing,” he stated.

His daughter and her boyfriend are each marine biologists and stated they’d seen some manta rays in the water after he took the photograph, Escandell stated.

Escandell owns an auto restore store and lives in close by Satellite Beach, and stated he enjoys taking footage on the seashore pretty often.

He didn’t know the surfer in the photograph, however they’ve talked because the photograph went viral.

“He’s excited too,” Escandell stated.

Giant manta rays are the world’s largest rays and may develop to a wingspan of as much as 29 toes.

The slow-swimming, migratory fish are listed as threatened underneath the US Endangered Species Act and as endangered on the IUCN Red List.

“Their populations are declining worldwide,” stated Jessica Pate, a senior scientist on the Marine Megafauna Foundation.

Pate informed NCS that about 50 folks have despatched her Escandell’s photograph over the previous couple of days.

She’s simply began finding out why grownup manta rays combination off of central and north Florida in the spring.

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