Manhasset seniors stroll at Homecoming in 2018 with shirts bearing the college’s Indian emblem. The district has confronted criticism over its mascot due to sensitivity considerations towards Native Americans. (Photo courtesy of the Manhasset School District)

Five months after Manhasset’s board of schooling introduced it will kind a committee discussing its use of Native American symbols, captains of the college’s varsity sports groups have despatched a letter to the board urging not to alter the college’s mascot.

Thirty-five Manhasset High School class of 2021 pupil authorities representatives and varsity athletic workforce captains co-signed an electronic mail accusing the board of schooling of constructing a begin to change the mascot with out consulting the neighborhood.

“Rumors of a new image circulate throughout the school, but also clear changes have been made around the building,” learn the letter. “We urge the school board and administration to immediately stop proceeding with the backdoor termination of our Indian image and rather speak with the proud Manhasset community before any changes are made.”

Director of Physical Education and Interscholastic Athletics at Manhasset James Amen stated he has not acquired any directive to alter the college’s mascot or emblem, and any latest alterations haven’t been in reference to the illustration of Native Americans.

“From time to time, some of the decals on the helmets change,” Amen stated. “It’s just stylistic changes.”

For logos that do bear Native American illustration, Amen stated, he doesn’t consider the remedy of the Indian image is undignified.

“In my mind, we treat the Indian logo with respect and dignity,” Amen stated. “I don’t see as though we’re doing anything disgraceful when you have Indians across the jersey, or you have an M with a feather.”

Besides terminating alterations to the mascot, the soon-to-be alumni of Manhasset High School authored a rebuttal to accusations that the college’s Indian picture is racist and derogatory, writing “Manhasset students … metaphorically and literally wear the Indian name across their chest with pride and passion.”

“Manhasset students represent this culture with the utmost respect,” learn the letter. “Not once at any school or community event have we witnessed the Indian name be tarnished or demeaned in any way, rather, we watch as students and community members proudly boast the name, chanting ‘We are the Indians’ for anyone in the nearby vicinity to hear.”

The co-signed college students additionally referred to as for an annual neighborhood custom with a district college day devoted to Indian tradition, reserving college services for tribal leaders to converse with college students on the significance of their heritage.

“We propose an Indian Appreciation Day in Manhasset, where community members are invited to educate and immerse themselves in Indian culture at Mary Jane Davies Park.”

In a press release responding to the coed’s letter, the Manhasset Justice Initiative, a web based group comprised of present and former Manhasset college college students, cited “extensive support” for changing the mascot, in addition to a disconnect on how to honor native native communities.

“By claiming “We are the Indians”, we’re claiming that we’ve the shared expertise of the hardship the native communities confronted, and paying homage to a caricature that doesn’t precisely characterize them,” MJI stated in a press release to Blank Slate Media. “When the Native Americans said “do not forget us,” it wasn’t to keep the mascot however guarantee that their cultures are depicted precisely and respectfully with instructional parts accompanying any resolution the college makes.”

The Manhasset Board of Education didn’t reply to a number of requests for remark.

“Manhasset is an Indian tribe. Manhasset is our home,” learn the highschool seniors’ letter. “And we are the Indians.”

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