“Today is also a good day for democracy, a good day for elections,” he stated. “I want to start by talking about voting — about how when much of the country has put in more restrictive laws — that Kentucky legislators, Kentucky leaders were able to come together to stand up for democracy and to expand the opportunity for people to vote.”

The bill, HB 574, handed 91-3 within the state House and 33-3 within the state Senate earlier than going to Beshear’s desk final week.

Among its provisions are the official approval for voting facilities, an internet portal for absentee poll registration and three days of early voting. It may also require drop bins, creates official recount procedures, permits for tax {dollars} to advocate for or in opposition to poll questions and mandates all voting machines to generate a paper path for votes forged, Beshear stated.

Beshear additionally implied the sturdy safety of the 2020 election cycle and forged a thinly veiled criticism in opposition to states which have made it tougher for voters in search of to forged their poll.

“While some states have stepped in a different direction, I’m really proud of Kentucky,” he stated. “We created a model for the nation. When sometimes people said eyes were on Kentucky, we showed them the very best, ensuring that not only all our citizens and a record number of citizens in a general election could vote, but that they could do so safely.”


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