Jeff Bezos reveals what the crew talked about before liftoff

Before leaving for house, Bezos and his crew “told each other we love each other,” he instructed Cooper. “It was a very emotional morning,” he mentioned.

Bezos additionally talked to the crew about his early days with Amazon, based in 1994, and drew a comparability between that have and his Blue Origin journey. And he instructed the crew members he needed them to grasp the significance of the journey.

“It is like the barnstorming days,” Jeff Bezos instructed Anderson Cooper, referring to the early days of aviation and the improvements that ensued. “And that eventually leads to the 787.”

Bezos additionally mentioned air pollution and local weather change after his house journey, emphasizing his concept to dump the Earth’s industrial manufacturing. “We really have to move heavy industry and polluting industry off Earth,” Bezos mentioned.

He mentioned he desires to make “dirty polluting stuff” like “chips and microchips” in house, however he added that the timeline may span over a number of many years. “It won’t be done in my lifetime,” mentioned Bezos, who’s 57 years previous. “We have lots of problems on Earth,” he mentioned, particularly pointing to poverty, starvation, local weather disasters and air pollution. “We have to work on the here and now and and we have to look to the future.”

Last yr, Bezos used his huge wealth to launch the Bezos Earth Fund, which focuses on the transition to wash vitality and equitable entry to wholesome air, water, and land. After his flight, he introduced that he deliberate to give $100 million each to NCS contributor Van Jones and chef José Andrés to divulge to philanthropic causes as they see match.

“We’ve never just focused on the present or just focused on the future,” Bezos mentioned, reflecting on historical past and innovation. “If you don’t focus on the future, then you don’t have explorers.”