The main takes place on Tuesday. The tremendous PAC didn’t reply to a request for remark on Friday.

The ad’s narrator suggests viewers are about to listen to Barnette converse on the topic of “violence.” The ad then reveals a clip of Barnette, who’s Black, saying, “Black Americans feel disenfranchised.” After a fast minimize, the ad reveals her saying, “Systemic racism. Specifically among police officers.”

Facts First: This section of the ad is misleading in two important methods. First, it fully reverses Barnette’s place on systemic racism amongst law enforcement officials: These quick clips have been snipped from a May 2020 YouTube commentary in which Barnette explicitly rejected the concept there may be systemic racism amongst officers. Second, in this similar YouTube commentary and in other remarks, Barnette has repeatedly denounced violence, rioting and looting.
Here are Barnette’s actual comments about systemic racism and law enforcement officials in the YouTube commentary:

“Listen, there is a reason why many Black Americans feel disenfranchised in America. And I will never try to minimize the reasons why many of them feel that way. And yet a lot of what we see is manipulation. It’s the stoking of the flame of the tensions of the history of this nation. For example, many are saying today that what we are experiencing — what happened to George, George Floyd — is systemic racism in our justice system, specifically among police officers. They would have us to believe that there is a police officer like Officer Chauvin, who had his knee on George Floyd’s neck, around every street corner. And that everywhere we go, there is a police officer waiting to shoot a Black man. I reject that. And I don’t reject it because I feel like that’s not true. I reject it because it is — statistically is not true.”

She went on to quote varied statistics she claimed proved her level.

Nothing in Barnette’s remarks was an endorsement of violence in normal, or protest violence in explicit. In truth, at different moments in the YouTube commentary — which she titled “On the Issues: Justice vs Rioting” — Barnette criticized Pennsylvania Democrats for, in her opinion, not doing sufficient to sentence or cease rioting.

Barnette’s views on Black Lives Matter and social unrest

The ad’s narrator introduces a Barnette clip he describes as a remark “on Black Lives Matter.” The ad then reveals Barnette on digicam saying, “The reason for so much unrest in the Black community is because of White racism.” The narrator then says in an incredulous tone, “White racism?” The ad once more reveals Barnette saying, “White racism.”

Facts First: This section of the ad can also be misleading in two important methods. First, Barnette’s remark about White racism inflicting unrest in the Black group was not in regards to the Black Lives Matter motion and not even in regards to the current day: The full YouTube video reveals she was paraphrasing the findings of a Lyndon B. Johnson presidential commission that seemed into the causes of rioting in 1967. And although the ad vaguely hints that Barnette is a supporter of Black Lives Matter, she has truly been a vocal and repeated critic of that motion — at one level likening it to “a bad case of herpes.”
Here’s what Barnette truly stated about “White racism” in the 2020 video from which the ad snipped:

“So listen, in 1960 (sic) the Kerner Commission provided a report to Lyndon B. Johnson to help him understand why there was so much unrest in the Black community. They spent, I’m sure, a ton of money, to point out the obvious — and that is White racism. That is what the Kerner report highlighted — was the reason for so much unrest in the Black community, is because of White racism. Specifically discrimination in home ownership, education and employment, that there was huge disparities between White community and the Black community, and that’s the reason for the unrest. Now, many of us could’ve told them that without spending all that money.”

Barnette went on discuss in regards to the current, saying “not much has changed” in phrases of the Black dwelling possession charge. But she then argued that Democratic management was answerable for the current racial hole in dwelling possession charges — and defended former President Donald Trump’s controversial “what do you have to lose?” 2016-campaign query to Black voters.
Barnette’s feedback have been slightly obscure. But the book she authored and was selling in the video — known as “Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America” — made clear that she doesn’t assume “White racism” is the reason for present unrest. She argued in the e book: “Welfare policies of the 1960s, not racism or a lack of jobs or the legacy of slavery, is the cause of the dysfunction in black communities.”
And in the e book, Barnette explicitly and repeatedly criticized Black Lives Matter.
She has additionally expressed her opposition to Black Lives Matter on social media. In a July 2020 Facebook comment, she stated of Black Lives Matter: “I do not support the organization.” In an emotional Facebook video that month, after a 1-year-old was shot and killed at a New York City park, she criticized varied proposals supported by Black Lives Matter activists and stated, “Black Lives Matter Global Network Incorporated doesn’t care about my Black life.”
In September 2020, she wrote on Facebook, “Overwhelmingly, my black life does NOT matter to these white liberals who litter their yards with BLM signs.” In December 2020, she included “BLM” on a Facebook list of examples of how Democrats had unleashed “literal hell” on the nation. And she provided the herpes metaphor in a Facebook video in February.

Barnette’s proposal for an Obama statue

The ad’s narrator additionally says, “And Barnette wants to erect a statue of Barack Obama.”

Facts First: This wants context. Barnette has been a critic of Obama for years; throughout his presidency, she tweeted that she “can’t stand” him, described him as a tyrant and spread the false conspiracy theory that he is Muslim. In 2020, nonetheless, Barnette proposed erecting an Obama statue, together with a statue of famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass, as a unifying different to ripping down present statues, an concept she and many different conservatives oppose.
Barnette started an online petition saying that as a substitute of eradicating the Emancipation Memorial in Washington, DC that depicts a freed slave crouching in entrance of President Abraham Lincoln, as some activists were demanding at the time, statues of the Obama household and Douglass ought to be erected in symbolic positions close to that present memorial. Barnette wrote on Facebook and Twitter: “SIGN: Please sign our petition to STOP the toppling of our history and to find a meaningful path to uniting our nation.”

In the petition, Barnette argued that taking down representations of the previous is “not the answer for our nation’s future.” She stated {that a} statue of Obama and his household — which she instructed positioning in order that the statue of the freed slave would look like wanting on the Obamas — would function a testomony to US race relations having gotten higher.

The petition stated: “This will serve as an example of how far we have come as a nation and how we stand today on the shoulders of those who have come before us. This is an endorsement of the people of this nation, both black and white, who elected the first black president. This is a historical fact that testifies to the heart of this nation and specifically to how far the black community has come. Racial relations are not as it was in 1619, 1776, 1863 or 1964…our nation continues to move forward. To pretend otherwise is beyond disingenuous.”



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