The majority of the Detroit Lions rookie class, together with a gaggle of tryout gamers, took to the sphere on Saturday morning to take part in one other rookie minicamp observe. 

Head coach Dan Campbell defined to reporters previous to the beginning of observe what this weekend was supposed to perform for the younger expertise coming in and making an attempt to get acclimated. 

“I would say we’re trying to get them acclimated with what we’re doing schematically. So, introduction to our schemes — offense, defense and special teams,” Campbell mentioned. “Then, we’re trying to assess their movement skills and their shape. What kind of shape are they in? What do they really look like as athletes? We’re around them, so we’re testing them a little bit with just their lateral movement, hips, flexibility, change of direction, all of those things. Just to be able to get our eyes on them is really — I’d say those two things are the most important things right now.”


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