Cramer's lightning round: Buy Ford

Zim Integrated Shipping: “I don’t like the shipping stocks, here. I think they’re overdone. People got excited about them and it’s no longer the moment to own a shipping stock. Why not buy Union Pacific, which had a great quarter.”

Northern Genesis Acquisition: “I like these EVs. Some of them are really going to work out, but lately I’ve been thinking maybe Magna‘s the way to play it because a lot of them seem to contract them, but I do like that stock. I’ve been what I call, ‘wrong.'”

Workhorse: “Workhorse is a showhorse. We want real horses — not Churchill Downs, but that’s a good stock, too. That is a company that I have not liked, I’ve stayed away … Buy Ford.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s charitable belief owns shares of Ford and Union Pacific.


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