Cramer predicts S&P 500 'is done getting slammed,' sees upside ahead

CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Wednesday stated buyers can count on clean crusing as Wall Street tries to place a brief however turbulent interval of decline in shares behind it.

After the market recovered all its losses from Monday’s large plunge, Cramer reviewed chart motion to forecast the following transfer.

“The charts, as interpreted by Carolyn Boroden, counsel that the S&P 500 is done getting slammed, with extra upside ahead,” the “Mad Money” host stated. “I share Boroden’s positivity on the market in general … especially now that the recent shakeout has wrenched so many weak hands out of the market.”

In her evaluation, Boroden, who is understood for Fibonacci buying and selling methods, noticed a repeat sample when the S&P 500 experiences a steep sell-off in the midst of three days.

In a three-day span that ended Monday, the index dropped nearly 3%. An identical multi-day rout occurred in mid-June, twice in May and as soon as in each March and January, Cramer famous.

“Very often this year, the S&P will pull back pretty hard, but it only lasts for three trading days from the last new high,” he stated. “Boroden’s pretty confident this pattern has already repeated itself.”

“If we’d been down yesterday, that would’ve been another story, but we came roaring back. To her, that means the meltdown is probably over,” he stated.

Boroden, who additionally contributes alongside Cramer at, is keeping track of 4,359 within the S&P 500. Should the index break by that ceiling of resistance, her subsequent targets are 4,437 and 4,492, Cramer stated.

Investors may count on extra turbulence, nevertheless, if the S&P 500 breaks the aforementioned sample to fall from a brand new excessive for greater than 4 buying and selling days.

“In that case, she’d be a lot more concerned about the possibility of a larger downside correction. But for now, that hasn’t happened yet and the future looks bright, which jibes with what we’ve seen in earnings season,” Cramer stated.

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