Methamphetamine seizures in East and Southeast Asia surged 19% from 2019 to a brand new record-high, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report discovered. The group didn’t put a greenback determine on the meth commerce’s worth in 2020, however it was believed to be value between $30 billion and $61 billion in 2019, in accordance to the UNODC.

“While the pandemic has caused the global economy to slow down, criminal syndicates that dominate the region have quickly adapted and capitalized. They have continued to aggressively push supply in a conscious effort to build the market and demand,” Jeremy Douglas, the UNODC regional consultant for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, stated in an announcement supplied to NCS.

The report discovered the cartels thrived by means of a worldwide public well being emergency by reacting shortly to the altering scenario on the floor. These teams began utilizing lesser-regulated chemicals to produce illicit drugs, manufactured narcotics in new areas that had been exhausting for legislation enforcement to attain shipped their merchandise by means of new, stunning routes and even discovered new prospects.

The development was largely pushed by nations in the Lower Mekong area — Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar, the report stated. Organized prison teams took benefit of regional authorities’ prioritization of containing Covid-19’s unfold and imposing public well being measures.

The large provide of low-cost meth, which has stored costs low, “contributes to increasing demand and use in the region,” the report stated.

The UNODC discovered that a number of large-scale meth producers appeared to have arrange store in Cambodia in addition to Myanmar’s Shan State — an space ruled by militias and warlords which have lengthy been accused of funding themselves by means of the drug commerce. Authorities in Cambodia dismantled 5 artificial labs in 2020, 4 of which produced meth. It was the first time clandestine meth labs had been discovered in Cambodia since 2014.

Traffickers additionally appeared to be utilizing new routes to transfer illicit narcotics and the precursor chemical compounds used to make them. Laos appeared to be one point of interest, as seizures of each meth and precursor chemical compounds spiked. Hong Kong was more and more used as a transportation hub, in accordance to the report. Meth seizures in the semi autonomous Chinese metropolis elevated tenfold from 2019 to 2020, together with one 500-kilogram cargo despatched from Mexico that was destined for Australia.

“Organized crime groups have been able to continue the expansion of the regional synthetic drug trade — in particular in the upper Mekong and Shan state of Myanmar — by maintaining a steady supply of chemicals into production areas despite border restrictions that have impacted legitimate cross-border trade,” Douglas stated.

An armed customs officer guards a record seizure of over 500 kilograms of methamphetamine during a news conference in Hong Kong in November.An armed customs officer guards a record seizure of over 500 kilograms of methamphetamine during a news conference in Hong Kong in November.
Things don’t seem to be getting higher in 2021. Traffickers appear to be profiting from the months of political instability and violence in Myanmar, the place the armed forces ousted the nation’s democratically elected authorities in a February coup.

Douglas and different consultants fear drug traffickers may reap the benefits of the unstable scenario in Myanmar.

“When economies break down illicit economies typically ascend and become more powerful — it is exactly this scenario that we fear and anticipate now,” he stated.

“Criminals look for conditions that they can use, and the distraction of law enforcement and breakdown of security that we are witnessing provide them with the right environment — they thrive on the chaos that legitimate businesses run from.”


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