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CNBC is simply now getting raked over the coals for a narrative printed 5 months in the past that recommended households incomes $400,000 a yr “aren’t exactly living large,” with many on social media fairly irked that an revenue like that may be thought-about struggling by some.

“According to a financial planning analysis, families making $400,000 a year aren’t exactly living large — especially in major cities,” Robert Frank wrote in a CNBC story that was initially printed in October 2020, “A family of four with $400,000 a year in income is more likely to drive a Toyota and take staycations than drive a Lambo and fly first class.”

That story and Frank’s $400,000 determine, which President Joe Biden says is the household revenue the place he’d start tax will increase, went viral on Twitter earlier this week and triggered a flash flood of posts from disgusted Twitter customers.

While an extended record of current tweets contains some feedback from people protest that the price of dwelling in sure U.S. cities doesn’t permit a $400,000 family to benefit from the lifetime of the wealthy and well-known, most signify a snarkfest of concern in regards to the purported struggles of the prosperous.

“I am willing to ‘struggle’ at $400k per year for the next decade, in case anyone is trying to run the experiment. I promise to give honest feedback” one particular person quipped on Twitter.

And others joined in on the dialogue:


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