Bill Walton tells great story from his first C’s-Lakers game initially appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The Boston Celtics-Los Angeles Lakers rivalry has cooled in current years, however it’s nonetheless laborious to argue in opposition to it being the most effective rivalry in sports activities.

The historical past between the 2 legendary franchises merely cannot be topped. That particularly goes for the Eighties, when Larry Bird’s Celtics would do battle with Magic Johnson’s “Showtime” Lakers. Bill Walton was part of it throughout his transient stint in Boston and fondly remembers simply how totally different NBA rivalries had been then in comparison with at the moment.

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“We disliked everybody,” Walton mentioned on Celtics Pregame Live. “If they weren’t on our team — that’s one of the things that’s really changed in the NBA. There was no hugging and kissing before and after the game. If they were on the other team, they were evil, and we had to take care of business.

“And the unbelievable sense of preparation, and the psychological focus and the focus of what you had been going to have the ability to do and to have the ability to include the sting, to have the ability to convey the hearth, to have the ability to convey the fight with out really getting right into a fight as a result of while you get right into a fight, that is not good. But there fights on a regular basis.”

In fact, there was a notable fight in Walton’s first-ever Celtics-Lakers game. The Hall of Famer remembers C’s legend K.C. Jones being right in the middle of it, and loving every second.

“My very first Lakers-Celtics game, it was an exhibition in 1985,” Walton said. “The very first one, on the opening tip a fight broke out. It lasted for 20 minutes, everyone was concerned. Ok.C. Jones in the end got here again to the bench all bloodied and lower up and scratched up as a result of Michael Cooper would by no means lower his fingernails. His garments had been all ragged and he checked out me with this gleam in his eye and he mentioned, ‘I like this game.’ “

Awesome stuff.

The Celtics and Lakers will attempt to keep away from a repeat of that game once they face off Thursday night time at 10 p.m. ET.