'Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe' review: Mike Judge launches the dimwit duo into the 21st century

Series creator/voice man Mike Judge groups with co-writer Lew Morton and administrators John Rice and Albert Calleros on this newest journey, which employs the tried-and-true plot system of getting the central duo get sentenced to “space camp,” the place they’re drafted for a mission that inadvertently vaults them by means of a Black Hole from 1998 into 2022.

A brand new century brings contemporary terminology into their addled teenage lives (“White privilege” included), not that any deeper themes resonate with them. Indeed, the pair’s whole motivation is that they assume the one feminine astronaut (Andrea Savage) needs to “do it” with them, yielding an endless Abbott and Costello routine of phrases with double meanings that produce these trademark “Heh heh” chuckles.

As all the time, if Butt-Head is a moron, Beavis in some way resides a rung or two beneath him on the evolutionary ladder, at one level prompting the former to derisively observe, “You really brought your ‘A’ game today.” Their most important attraction is that they continue to be so cheerfully and unabashedly silly that it is arduous to withstand, even after they’re uncovered to the Watcher-like beings who symbolize the greatest variations of them from alternate universes.

Much like the film unleashed a quarter-century in the past, stretching the friends’ TV-forged interludes out over a near-90-minute body represents a problem, and the repetitive nature of the gags can not help however yield diminishing returns. Still, “Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe” is usually ingenious sufficient to justify the return engagement, with realizing winks to the undeniable fact that Judge’s creation could be very a lot an artifact of its time, leaning into the concept that it is an anachronism when propelled into the 2020s.

That’s to not say “Beavis and Butt-Head” introduced its “A” recreation precisely, and certainly, it is frankly arduous to think about what its “A” recreation would even appear to be. “Intellectual property” is a misnomer, however the film kicks off a mini-resurgence for the title after a hiatus of greater than a decade, with a brand new collection to affix the current episodes on the streaming service later this yr.

Still, as “B” video games go, “Do the Universe” captures what made the present tick. Sure, it is one other throwback meant to wring worth out of nostalgia, however one executed with a degree of relentless silliness that, like its “stars,” will not ever be accused of over-thinking issues.

“Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe” premieres June 23 on Paramount+.

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